Computer Graphics

This is stuff I've created on a computer. I first started experimenting with computer graphics soon after I got my first computer in around 2003, using a neat little program called Paint Shop Pro. Though it was pretty limited compared to today's standards, back then I found it fascinating and I learnt a lot.

I then moved on to a pure vector drawing program called DrawPlus, a very affordable alternative to the market leaders in vector graphics. DrawPlus was discontinued a few years ago as in 2014, the developers, Serif, released its successor,  Affinity Designer. It is part of a trilogy of software applications (with Affinity Publisher for desktop publishing and Affinity Photo for photo editing). Designer is an amazing program, it is a fraction of the cost of Adobe Illustrator, and out-performs it in nearly every way. One example is the powerful zoom tool. Illustrator can zoom in to a mere 6400%. As this linked video shows, Affinity can zoom to at least an incredible 20,000,000% and still display pin sharp detail.

I moved over to Affinity Designer a few years ago and there are a few samples of my work from it below. Click/tap each image for a bigger version and more details.
Lion's Head
Vector graphic.
Desktop and Explorer icons.

A freehand sketch.

A vector cassette.
British Railways Logo
An old BR logo, all as vector.

Zero 6
Vector remake of an Essex nightclub sign.
A skin for the Winamp music player.

IrfanView Icons
For icon lovers everywhere.

BMC Logo
Another logo remake.

The Alibis
A logo I made for my mates' band.

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