Computer Stuff - Zero 6 Logo

People that were growing up in the Southend area of Essex, UK in the 1970s and 1980s, would surely recognise the logo below. Zero 6 was a nightclub that no longer exists, and whether you ever went there or not, you would have seen this sticker on many a young person's car. My sister asked me to make a vector version of it so she could get a sign made (she met her husband there - awww!). Although the head was fairly easy to make, the text was quite a challenge, as it is not a modern-day computer font so I had to draw each letter manually, Luckily, the fantastic Affinity Designer has the tools to do this. In particular the Corner Tool was a great help to get those smooth serifs and internal curves. My version is of course, 100% vector so no quality will be lost no matter how much you enlarge the original drawing.
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