The Real World

This is stuff I've created in the real world, using paint, pencils, ink etc. Click/tap each image below to be taken to a page with more photos and descriptions of each project.
Please note that these galleries contain a lot of large images, which may take a while to load depending on your internet speed. If you are viewing this site on a smartphone, unless you are connected to wifi, be aware that you will need about 100MB of your data allowance to view everything.
Minnie Mouse
Step-by-step photos of a cut-out figure of Minnie Mouse. Airbrush on MDF.
Step-by-step photos of a cut-out figure of Tigger. Airbrush on MDF.
Some pieces that were cut to shape and then painted.
Things that I painted direct on to walls or large pieces of board.
Small Stuff
A few smaller sketches and paintings that I have created.
1992 Berlin Tattoo
I painted a lot of the scenery for this event. It took many weeks, but great fun.
1990 Berlin Bandanza
I painted all the scenery for this event, held in Berlin's 'Waldb├╝hne'.
1988 Berlin Tattoo
I painted a few pieces of scenery and props for this event.
The Early Years
Some weird and wonderful stuff from my childhood.
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