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Computer Graphics

This is all stuff I've created on a computer. I first started experimenting with computer graphics soon after I got my first computer in around 2003, using a neat little program called Paint Shop Pro (version 7). Though it was pretty limited by today's standards, back then I found it fascinating and I learnt the difference between vector and raster graphics - a very important thing to know.

For the past few years, I've used a pure vector drawing program called DrawPlus. A very affordable alternative to the market leaders in vector graphics. That has now been laid to rest as it's creators, Serif, have released it's successor, Affinity Designer. An amazing program, it is a fraction of the cost of you-know-what, and out-performs it in nearly every way. I moved over to it about a year ago and there are a few samples of my work from it below.
Lion's Head
Vector graphic.
British Railways Logo
A reproduction of an old BR logo, all as vector.

BMC Logo
Another logo remake.

A vector cassette.
A freehand sketch.

My first and only skin for the Winamp music player.

The Alibis
Vector logo for my mate's band.
IrfanView Icons
For icon lovers everywhere.

Desktop and Explorer icons.

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